Raymond Mackintosh, A.O.C.A.
Instructor Life Modelling, Ontario College of Art,  1988, 1989
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Honours Graduate, Department of Fine Art, Ontario College of Art 1982
Winner of:    Art Gallery of Ontario Award for Sculpture
Elizabeth Greenshields Grant
Sir Edmund Walker Award (1st runner-up)
Samuel Kagan Award
Elizabeth Bradford Holbrook Award

Evening: one third life size, bronze
Seated Figure: intrinsically colored epoxy
Sculptures are reproduced, signed and numbered in limited editions.
Some sculptures are available in bronze or resin.
Please contact the artist for details.
Contact: Raymond Mackintosh  @ 416 604  2260
or via email:
Hover for info. Click on photo for larger view
Raymond Mackintosh is a fine art sculptor with work in private collections in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Spain. His subjects are often strong self possessed figures portrayed in moments of repose or contemplation. With an eye to expressing more whimsical feelings, he has produced groups of tumblers, most intended for exterior display, garden sculptures if you will, life size and half life size bronzes and cast stone. Strongly influenced in his early career by sculptors Ivan Mestrovic and Giacomo Manzu, he studied under Leonhard Oesterle and William Clements, RCA, at the Ontario College of Art. He continued to work with Clements for a number of years. Raymond was invited to instruct at the college taking over for David Pelletier for a year, and also instructing an evening sclupture class for the visually impaired..  Upon the death of his mentor and gallery owner Estee Klassen, he eschewed gallery representation, preferring to exhibit privately, connecting with collectors by word of mouth.
Female Torso: bronze on marble base
Male Torso: bronze on marble base
This gallery shows selected work only. Watch for additions in the near future.
Day: one third life size, bronze
Tumblers one and two: bronze with natural patina
Pause: one third life size, bronze
Reclining Nude: epoxy and flock
Wrapped Figure 2: epoxy and flock
Mother and Babe: bronze
Wrapped Figure 1: bronze
Lou: bronze with black patina
Leaning Figure: one third life size, bronze
Seated Figure 2: one third life size, bronze
Momentum: bronze
Lute player: half life size bronze
Tumblers 1, 2, 3: bronze
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